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but the thing that's really making me see red are the hurtful comments that some have tagged onto the end of news feeds telling us about AOL seeking help with his prescription painkiller meds.

There is no need to make out like he is some kind of party animal who is just in it for the thrill - this is a HARD working actor who takes his job VERY seriously and trains very, VERY hard to get into, and stay in the shape he's in to make us believe his character was a dedicated Navy SEAL.

There is no need to kick a person when they're down -- this man takes his job and his fans so seriously that he is seeking help BEFORE it takes over his life completely. So kudos to him for realizing he needed to get on board with recovery and is being proactive about it!!

Many people like himself (the main star of a hit Tv show) don't have the luxury of taking a time out because of the crushing workload so the fact that the network supports this is wonderful! This will ensure we have him and his lovely self around to entertain us for years to come.

Good Luck Alex! We love you!! Get well, get healthy and come back and wow us some more with your beauty, your veracity and your incredible talent! ♥♥♥


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