Sep. 25th, 2017 06:26 pm
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1. A friend gave me a bag of freshly-picked sungold cherry tomatoes today, and I have melted them into a simple tomato sauce with a sweet red pepper and some good olive oil and salt and pepper, which will dress my pasta tonight.

2. Also on the docket for dinner tonight is a salad of CSA arugula, mustard greens, and red Boston lettuce -- stunning fresh greens with some feta and a simple vinaigrette. This may be the last head of lettuce this season. Then again it may not, because unseasonable warmth, who knows. One way or another, om nom nom.

3. Kitten. Because kitten.

4. Glass of rosé, because boy howdy is it wine o'clock.

5. Power, and light, and modern conveniences of ordinary living -- with awareness that so many people are impacted by disaster right now and do not have these things at all.

How are y'all?

Not Today:

Sep. 25th, 2017 10:32 am
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*Summary: Steve was with his family, as he was relaxing since he got diagnosed with the radiation poisoning, He thought about what he had been through in the past 8 years, since he got home to Hawaii, What happens to him?, Stay Tuned, It's gonna be a great one!!!!*

Words: 692, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Best Combinations In The World:

Sep. 25th, 2017 09:14 am
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*Summary: Steve & Grace were on their way to Danny's house, Steve gave an unrated version of what happened that day, & why Danny was a little upset, & sad, Rachel even expressed that she hopes that Danny feels better, what happens when Danny gets surprised?, Stay Tuned, It's gonna be a great one!!!!*


*Author's Note: This is part of my series, Read & Enjoy!!!!!*

Words: 678, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of Scandal Series:

German Election Results

Sep. 25th, 2017 08:36 am
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CDU/CSU 33,0 % (Conservatives)
SPD 20,5 % (Social Democrats)
AfD 12,6 % (The Neo-Nazis, imho)
FDP 10,7 % (The Liberals)
Linke 9,2 % (The Left)
Grüne 8,9 % (The Greens)

2017 Voter turnout 72,1% (2013 Voter turnout 68,6%)

A decent interactive map can be found at this place. The AfD won direct seats in Saxony.

Out of the Frying Pan

Sep. 25th, 2017 12:45 am
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Danny may or may not be concussed, Kono wonders why sizzling in bacon grease feels like a day at the nude beach, Chin wishes that everyone would act like the adults they are, Lou wonders how he got himself onto this crazy team in the first place, and Steve, Steve wishes that he could wrap his arms around Danny and hold him close.

Words: 2420, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 4 of Guardians of Hawaii

Behind the Curve

Sep. 24th, 2017 11:46 pm
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John and Steve aren't getting what they need from the military anymore. Steve is just getting settled with a new pack when John calls in a favor. The two Spec Ops soldiers reunite and finally learn to live in a world where they don't quite fit the standard mold.

*Note: The story starts with John in Atlantis, Steve doesn't come in till at least chapter 4.

Words: 2729, Chapters: 2/?, Language: English

We Will Tame the Vicious Seas

Sep. 24th, 2017 09:19 pm
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Danny calls out of work. Steve wants to know why.

Words: 3068, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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These are a few things that McDanno fans would like to see but won't.

Words: 873, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Adventures with Katniss Everpounce

Sep. 24th, 2017 03:36 pm
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(Okay, that is not actually our kitten's name, but I use it sometimes anyway, because.)

Today we had our third bath, and this time it went well!

The changes were Z's idea... )

I feel unreasonably proud of this. Kitten bathing: achievement unlocked!

(no subject)

Sep. 24th, 2017 11:34 am
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Anyone watching The Orville? I've seen the three episodes but am still waffling a bit. I have heard of Seth MacFarlane but never watched anything he's done. The humor, especially in the first episode, has been what I expected, pinging between irreverent and crude. I like the former, could do without the latter.

It is shaping up to be more of a Trek show, and dealing with serious issues. And there have been variations in the dramatic approaches Trek shows have taken to tackling difficult issues. Classic Trek, Kirk could redo entire societies and fix all their problems with a good brawl with the world's leader. I loved classic Trek for that enduring belief that solutions were always possible.

ST:TNG was not always so optimistic. I remember the episode (I'm a bad fan, I don't know the title) where Crusher is kidnapped by freedom fighters/terrorists who are using a personal teleportation device, and she determines that device is causing their health issues, but they refuse to stop using it, as it is their only advantage against the dominant culture. The ST:TNG crew rescues her and then... (as I recall, it's been a long time)...they leave. It seemed a realistic ending, and something of a commentary on the Middle East, that no, America, you can't stumble into a situation you don't understand well, and fix it. But mostly I remember that sense of ... huh. Wow, that's a bummer. Where's Kirk? Kirk woulda fixed this and left those two groups on the way to a happy bonding.

spoilers for the third episode of The Orville )

I was pleased that Kasidy Yates from Deep Space Nine is a regular, good to see her again, and that Bashir's father had a guest role in the pilot. It was a mini-DSN reunion, yay.


Sep. 24th, 2017 01:58 pm
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1. Although it is after the autumn equinox in my hemisphere, it is unseasonably warm right now, so I am grateful for air conditioning, even if I feel ridiculous using it on September 24!

2. Apple-picking with Mr. Kid today! This is one of our fall traditions and it is so sweet. The orchard is near our old house. Rows and rows of beautiful apple trees stretching toward fields and hills. And we got two bags of honeycrisps, my favorite apples of them all.

3. Related to the above, there is a granola-topped apple crisp cooling now on my counter. I'm also making a chicken curry in the slow cooker to eat all week, and I've cooked up some ground turkey and vegetables with soy and sesame and cilantro and will add rice noodles to them later for dinner tonight.

4. Dishwasher (now running) and washing machine (also now running.) The fact that we have these appliances; the fact that we have power with which to run them.

5. Watching Mr. Kid gleefully play with Mr. Kitten, who has a catnip mouse and is carrying it proudly around the room in his mouth. I can't tell whether the catnip is making the kitten goofier, or whether this is just his natural three-month-old goofitude, but either way, it's adorbs.

Never Stop

Sep. 24th, 2017 10:26 am
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Song :Never Stop (Wedding Version)
Singer: Safetysuit
I already made Danny'song . So this is Steve's.

Words: 7, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

In case you were wondering...

Sep. 23rd, 2017 07:16 pm
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...the LEGO Ninjago movie is charming as hell. There's a delightfully meta frametale, plus Jackie Chan, plus bonus points for excellent use of a cat. I think I laughed as much as my kid did, and that's saying something. :-)

Nobody else but you

Sep. 23rd, 2017 04:17 pm
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We know that in the very first episode of season 8 Danny and Steve are looking for a place to rent for Steve's and I'm 100% sure Mr. Lenkov is not going to give us a proper mcdanno moment here so this is me trying to do it for him :) Enjoy!

Words: 671, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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